Ancient Sex Secrets Revealed!

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures

Isn’t it time you learned how to be GREAT at it???


Here’s a passage from the “History of Sex – Ancient China”:

“Chou Dynasty – 770 BC to 222 BC

The Chou dynasty had a Taoist doctrine although Taoism was not a formal religion yet. They divided men and women into the yin and the yang. Women were said to have an unexhaustable supply of yin essence. While men had a limited supply of yang. It was forbidden for men to use up their yang essence without acquiring plenty of yin essence. That meant that before a man was allowed to ejaculate, he had to prolong it, making a woman orgasm several times to acquire her yin essence. If a man ejaculated or used up his yang essence without taking any yin essence it was said to cause him health problems and even death.”

Just some food for thought 🙂 

I welcome all questions, comments, tips, and requests. 



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3 responses to “Ancient Sex Secrets Revealed!


    Very interested in cultivating chi energy in lovemaking

  2. sexphd

    I will definitely be discussing chi energy and breathing techniques in further posts, stay tuned.

  3. c

    i firmly believe in this philosophy

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