Are you giving her AMAZING orgasms EVERY time??? P2

[Part 2 of 2]

Step 3: Action (With practice) :

So here is my “easy to follow” advice:

  • Be confident (even over confident): it doesn’t matter that you have never made your girlfriend orgasm before.  Next time you’re waiting to be seated in a restaurant, stand behind her and wrap your arms around her. Caress her stomach with your hands as you gently kiss and nibble on her neck, try to seductively whisper in her ear that tonight you are going to make her feel really good. Then pay attention, notice the way her entire body will react.  Assuming you said it with confidence/certainty and sincerity, you will be amazed by how she will start to melt into you (maybe even letting out a little moan) because in her mind she has already started to feel how good she’ll be feeling.  This is just an example, you can whisper whatever you want, BE CREATIVE (and as descriptive as possible), this begins the process of setting the mood.
  • Don’t skimp on details!!!Like I said before, go get yourself one or two of those trashy romance novels, and read them.  Imagine what it would be like reading them if you were a woman.  You need to understand that when you describe an action, saying,  “I want to kiss you”, does not create romance novel-like fantasies.  But saying “I’ve been craving your lips all day” does.  More Details please, the more the better, and of course you want to use colorful language.  A text message of: “I’ve been so horny”, is DEFINITELY not going to cut it, but depending on how far into your relations you are, she could get her instantly turned on from one text message like: “I can’t stop fantasizing about your soft lips all over my body,  I must have you tonight.”  But it would be even better if your text made her picture what you’ll be doing to her 😉  Are you starting to get the idea?
  • Don’t be afraid to touch her!  The extent of this depends on if this is your wife, or a first date 😛 but seductive, sexual contact during non-sexual times will often release that exhibitionist inside of her. You might want to start off slow, when no one’s watching and watch for her reaction.  Seductive, sexual touching goes a LONG way.

In summary, you should be able to see by now that (to a degree):

You really can influence her emotions

This is a psychological trick of the mind, and it is very powerful.  In the simple example above, when you tell her how good she will be feeling later, her body will instantly experience those feelings in the present.  The better you describe the feelings, the better she will feel and the stronger her orgasm will become as her imagination takes over.  This has a snowball effect because the better she feels the more responsive she becomes to future words, touching, etc.   

In future posts I will take this concept to another level.  It is actually possible for a woman to orgasm on command when the sexual-emotional bond is strong enough (with some practice, of course) ;-).

I welcome all questions, comments, and requests.  If you submit a tip, fact, or technique, that could be of benefit to the community, I will gladly post it and give you the credit.


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3 responses to “Are you giving her AMAZING orgasms EVERY time??? P2

  1. Jada

    Man I wish I knew more guys like you! Romance is gone in this age so I would be pretty lucky to find someone who thinks like that (even though I know they’re out there)

  2. sexphd

    Well thank you 😀 !
    I don’t think it has much to do with being “romantic”, I just make it my goal to keep my gf satisfied.
    If this blog takes off, I’m hoping it becomes a community where people can share their knowledge and information… So who knows a few months from now you might meet someone interesting right here 😉

  3. do u have a private email I can contact you on bcos I really need to keep in touch with if you do email me on

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