The Clitoris: Objects In Her Vagina Are Larger Than They Appear!!!

Have you ever noticed the similarity between the Orchid and female anatomy?

The purpose of this post is to explain the female anatomy.  Some of you might be surprised to learn that there is more to the Clit than meets the eye (pun intended).  This knowledge will provide a basic framework for upcoming techniques and tutorials.  There’s also a few bonus tips in the end 😉 . 

What is the “Clitoris” EXACTLY? Where is it? Why is it there?

The answers will help you give her more pleasure than ever before!

A Small ASIDE:

You don’t NEED to know every detail regarding the operations of the clitoris (or other female sexual organs) in order to be “good in bed”.  However, it is very important to know the basics as well as certain medical details, so you can better understand the actions that will generate the most pleasure for your partner.  Being too concerned with the mechanics of sex can have its pitfalls. The goal of this site is to help you get in touch with your sexuality.

The Female Anatomy!

In this photo you can see the visible features of the clitoris in relation to other visible components of the Vulva:

Vulva (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Vulva (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

  • 1. Clitoral hood(prepuce) – Could be completely masking the clit from view if a woman isn’t aroused.
  • 2. Clitoral glans– Visible part of the clit when aroused.
  • 3. Urethral orifice – (In laymen terms) where she pees from. 
  • 4. Vulval vestibule
  • 5. Labia minora – Also known as her “Inner Vaginal lips”.
  • 6. Vaginal opening
  • 7. Labia majora – Also known as her “Outer Vaginal lips”.
  • 8. Perineum– The patch of skin connecting to the anus is very sensitive to the touch.

(Disclaimer: The size, shape, and color of each of the afore-mentioned components varies greatly from one woman to the next.)

It is very important to not only focus on her clit because the entire area of the vaginal opening is covered in nerve endings and is very sensitive to sexual stimulation.


The clit is jam-packed with pleasure sensing nerve endings, which make it the most sensitive spot on her body.    Most of you were probably familiar with the preceding Vulva diagram and explanations, but I think it is important to cover off on the basics before we delve further to something you might not have been aware of, the diagram of the Clitoris:

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

This will come as a big surprise for some of you, but the Clitoris is quite Large!  As you can see in the diagram, it extends around the entire vaginal opening.

So now you have a pretty good idea what it is and where it is, but we need to tackle the question of why it exists.

The clit is the only human organ, known to man, that is created for only one reason… SEXUAL PLEASURE!The most common explanation for why such an organ would be necessary is to encourage procreation. Because of the clitoris, the female orgasm is significantly more intense than its male counterpart, which gave pre-historic women an additional reason to suffer through the pains of pregnancy and childbirth.

Many doctors believe that that all female sexual pleasure comes directly (or indirectly) from her clitoris.  In fact, with any sexual arousal, you will see the clitoral glans change color and grow in size because of additional blood-flow.  Most women will find that their level of sensitivity will change with their level of sexual arousal… Simply put: the more stimulated a woman is, the more pressure she will want on her clit.

The Tips:

  • Take your time!  – I’ve said it in other posts, but before we get started with the specifics, it’s important to remind you again to take your time.  Foreplay should never be rushed.  Savoring every moment leading up to the act is as important as the act itself.
  • Never dive right in! – It is very important to not just go for her clit first!  Heck don’t go for anything down there first – start slowly with all the surrounding areas before you ever touch her outer lips.
  • Outer lips: – Once you do get there, spend a lot of time touching and teasing, because it will build some serious tension and allow her to really explode with pleasure.
  • Other components (and Perineum): – Don’t neglect them! they’re great for building even more sexual tension.
  • Clitoral hood: – Whether you’re touching her with your fingers or tongue, you want to make sure the area is super lubricated before making contact. Then start applying extremely gentle pressure and watch for her reaction.  Women have different levels of sensitivity so it’s impossible to predict how much pressure she will like so ALWAYS error on the light side.   Once she is adequately aroused, if necessary you can pull up-words on the skin surrounding the clitoral hood to give yourself full access to the exposed clit.
  • The Clit:– some studies have shown that there are actually more nerve endings on the left side of her clit then on the right, but it would be silly to just stay on one side 🙂 .  The key to clitoral stimulation is Consistence and (extremely) well-lubricated friction.  The amount of pressure you apply should correlate directly to how well-lubricated she is and how much pressure she wants.

In future posts I will be going into more details on specific techniques to give her ultimate pleasure.



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2 responses to “The Clitoris: Objects In Her Vagina Are Larger Than They Appear!!!

  1. most people are unaware of the size of the clitoris. great article

  2. sexphd

    Thank you! I actually stumbled on this fact only a few years ago, and I’m glad to get the word out.

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