Is She Faking It?????


I just read that 90% of all women will LIE to their partner about having orgasms during sex in order to spare their feelings. 

Statistically speaking … I hope your partner wasn’t surveyed.

I have a hunch that if we were to survey most men, that 90% would be certain that this statistic doesn’t apply to them. I believe this giant difference to be the main cause of the increasing number of women having sexual affairs as they search for a partner that can satisfy them. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know for CERTAIN whether she is really having an orgasm, or if she’s just faking it to make you feel better??  Now, you CAN!

For anyone who’s seen “When Harry Met Sally“, or called those naughty 1-900 numbers, you know that if you’re just listening to her, it is literally impossible to tell if she’s being authentic.

So what’s the secret?

You need to pay attention to her body language.  It is almost impossible for a woman to fake the physical signs of orgasm.

When you review the following list, keep in mind that any one of these indicators on their own might be meaningless, so always look for a combination of the following:

  • Her eyes will (usually) close
  • Her face, chest, etc.. will flush (get red and hot with the additional blood flow)
  • Her hips will be thrusting toward you in an effort to get closer to the feelings of pleasure.
  • Her hands will (usually) be grabbing at you.
  • Her back will (usually) arch.
  • Her body movements will (usually) decrease.
  • Her muscles will tense. Specifically her thighs, pelvis and stomach, but possibly all over (curling of the toes)
  • Her Vaginal muscles will tighten.
    • Both the vaginal opening and inside the vagina.
    • The closer she gets to orgasm, the more the vaginal muscles will tense and tighten.
  • Right before climax there will be a moment of total focus on the source of her pleasure.
    • She might become completely still for a few moments prior to orgasm, as her brain starts to register the orgasmic feeling. 
  • Don’t rely on the noises she makes, as they will vary greatly. 

Figuring out orgasmic indicators takes time and practice, so get to it!

If you don’t see any of these signs, don’t worry… you aren’t alone.  But now is probably a good time for you to re-evaluate your sexual technique so you could stop being a statistic 😉 

Keep reading these posts and you’ll be seeing these indicators in no time.

I think you will find that just by knowing and recognizing these physical indicators, you are already considerably ahead of the average man and are well on your way to becoming fantastic in bed.

Have fun practicing! And as always, I welcome all comments and questions.



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5 responses to “Is She Faking It?????

  1. This site is a gift for even those of us who have been married
    for over 30 years. My husband is amazed at the information & how we basically knew nothing about making love when we were
    first married. Your articles are teaching information for me that
    I need at mid-life but don’t feel old and bordom is obviously
    a negative for any marriage. Thank you.

  2. sexphd

    C.S. – Thank you very much! Just so you know, you can type whatever you’d like into the name box, there is no name requred to post a comment 🙂

    I realize sex is a very private subject for most people, but I hope that you will share this blog with your friends.

  3. LegalEagle

    Awesome post Phd! It’s like you read women’s minds…and bodies 😉

  4. Thanks LegalEagle 🙂

  5. Mr_Gone

    My girlfriend cries….. i hope thats normal

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