Is she interested?? (Body Language Techniques Part 1)

To be great in bed you need to know how read her subtle body language in order to figure out what it is she REALLY WANTS…

You can then use that knowledge to maximize her pleasure. 

A great way to start learning body language techniques is figuring out if she’s even interested in you in the first place.

 Here is how:

A lot of these tips are described in much more detail in Julius Fast’s book: “Body Language”, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the subject.

  • Smiling
    • “Polite Smile” – A smile that shows only the upper teeth might tell you that the woman is uncomfortable and is not enjoying your company.
    • “Real Smile” – A genuine, broad, smile is a sign of enjoyment.  It is definitely a great starter sign.
  • Flushed FaceExtra blood flow to the face is a great sign because it shows an increase in attraction. 
  • Eye Contact – A very good sign when you’re conversing with a woman vs her just staring off into space or staring at her shoes.  Research shows that in conversation, people will look at each other about 60% of the time.  So if you find that she’s looking at you a lot more frequently it typically means that she is more interested in you than what you are actually saying.
    • Bedroom eyes” – In normal lighting, wide open eyes with dilated pupils can be a big indicator of interest (as long as she’s not hungry, drinking alcohol, or using drugs 🙂 )
  • MovingWhen a woman is interested in you she will literally move to be closer to you.  If she is already close, she will:
    • Lean in towards you and possibly tilt her head.
  • Laughing (giggling) – When a woman is attracted to you, she will laugh at the majority of your jokes or anything remotely witty that comes out of your mouth.  If she has you thinking that you’re on a roll that’s a strong indicator of interest.
  • Open PalmsThis is a classic indicator for openness and honesty. (vs the defensive crossed arms or fists)
  • Touching
    • You: When walking by, an interested woman might inadvertently brush up against you. She might also touch your arm, hand, leg, knee or fix your tie (or any other easily accessible article of clothing) as a display of interest.
    • Herself:  In the middle of a conversation a woman will subconsciously try to improve her appearance by fumbling to fix an element of her clothing.  She might also subconsciously try to get your attention by playing with her jewelry or flipping her hair.  Occasionally, during conversation, a woman might unknowingly touch her breast almost like a caress or lightly stroke her thigh.  These are very strong indicators of sexual interest.

Remember, using just one of the above indicators is not enough to establish attraction; you need to look for a combination of indicators.  Body Language can often be more art than science so the best way to become good at is through constant practice. 

Learning these skills will pay massive dividends in the bedroom as you will become the most intuitive lover she’s ever had 😉



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2 responses to “Is she interested?? (Body Language Techniques Part 1)

  1. r-o-man

    You might want to consider changing the title of the blog – “The #1 SexEd Blog for Men”, well just the “for Men” part 🙂 I bet women could (and do) learn quite a bit from you. I’m basing this on previous comments you received.

  2. sexphd

    Hmmm… Good point 🙂

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