9 Places She Craves To Be Touched!

It’s a fact: Women don’t get turned on as quickly as men.

A man’s sexual needs are similar to a light switch, both on and off … while a woman tends to be more like a tea kettle; even if it gets warm quickly, you need to keep the fire going until you bring it to a full boil :-).   This is why you always want to take your time with plenty of touching, kissing, and teasing. 

Here are some places that are sure to get her burning hot:

  • Hair 
    • Most women love it it when you run your fingers through their hair and most men don’t play with her hair nearly as much as she would like. Just make sure to not do it at the beginning of any date, wait until you’re back home so she won’t be worried about fixing it).
    • Hair pulling sends a very strong subconscious (and often conscious) sexual message.  You have to practice to figure out how much is too much as every woman is different, but you definitely don’t want to skip this powerful tool.
  • Face
    • Gently stroking her face as you gaze into her eyes is an unbelievable intimacy builder and will more than likely start getting her quite aroused if you start describing how much pleasure you’re going to give her tonight.
  • Neck
    • 95% of all women LOVE to have their neck kissed and caressed by the man they care about.  
    • A simple technique is to pay attention to the way she kisses your neck and copy her, this will drive her wild.
    • As a general rule when you kiss her neck, you want to be slow and gentle at first, not leaving any spot untouched.  Then as the passion builds, just go with it (just make sure that you’re going with her passion, not just yours) 
    • Breathing on it, Licking, and nibbling are all allowed!  Do not underestimate the sexiness of a firm (but soft) bite in the heat of passion.
  • Ears
    • For 75% of all women the ears are an incredible hot spot.  For 20% it does nothing… and 5% actually hate having their ears kissed.  How will you know?  There’s only one way to find out, and as long as you do it slowly and gently, you will know instantly which category she falls into.
    • If she’s in the 75%, take advantage of every opportunity to tease her sensitive spots.  Keep her in suspense, so that every time you lean in to whisper something she won’t know if she will hear something sweet/sexy, or be turned on by your lips & tongue.  There’s also no reason not to do both 😉  Always focus on the outside of the ear and the ear lobe, not the ear canal, as you gently lick and tease it (like you would with oral sex).
  • Back
    • This is a part that many men completely ignore, but is full of very sensitive nerve endings that bring her tremendous pleasure.
    • Try focusing on her spine – trace it with your fingers first, starting from her ass slowly up to her neck, then continue with soft, gentle kisses along the same route.  Follow that up with your tongue, flicking it back and forth.  This is a sneaky technique to turn a back-rub into foreplay.
  • Stomach
    • This is a HUGE hot-spot.  If you’ve been neglecting it, shame, shame, shame on you 🙂 
    • First, you should leave no spot uncovered with your touches, kisses, & licks.
    • Next time try something different:  slowly and gently kiss and lick her stomach across her underwear line (maybe a half an inch bellow).  Start in the middle and slowly work your way to the side (her hip bone) linger there as long as she lets you with some more passionate kissing and then start to make your way back to the other side.  This will drive her crazy.  (You can vary this by using your breath and the tip of your tongue in the same fashion)
    • *Secret* Place your hand above her pubic mound (bellow her belly button) as she approaches orgasm and watch her pleasure double.
  • Breasts
    • Don’t manhandle them! – Especially if she’s close to having her period, her breast could get very tender and very sensitive to the touch.
    • It is very ironic that even though this is one of the most fantasized female body parts for most men, when we’re actually given the chance we fall short of maximizing on all of it’s erotic potential.
    • Next time you’re in the area, try something different: spend some time, touching, teasing, licking, and kissing all around her nipples without actually touching them.  Watch her body language start to change after as little as 15 -30 seconds… but don’t give in, tease her till your heart’s content (that’s part of the fun!).
    • Another great technique is to kiss and lick up her stomach all around her breasts without actually touching them or while your hands are gently teasing her nipples.
  • Hands
    • With so many thousands of nerve endings on her palms, it’s no wonder that all of the Casanovas throughout history would first kiss the ladies hand.
    • Why not give her a hand massage next time you’re relaxing in front of the TV… you might be surprised about what it leads to 🙂
    • Another trick is to follow up the kissing of her palm with light strokes from your tongue (similar to oral sex) this drives some women crazy.  (another great place for this technique is the fleshy area between her finger and thumb)
    • Then try gentle sucking on the very tips of her fingers followed by some light nibbling. By this time she’ll be begging for your mouth in other places 😉
  • Feet
    • Some women are very anti-feet, so you might have to forgo this section, or try to start slow while taking a bath together.
    • For the other 80% of women touching their feels fantastic (especially if they spent the day in heels).
    • You should start with a simple foot-rub, helping her forget the daily stress, but you can quickly turn it into foreplay with the smallest amount of kissing.
    • Her toes are incredibly sensitive and some women get tremendous pleasure from having them sucked.

Have Fun Experimenting!

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  1. Usefull article can i translate into Dutch for my sites subscribers? Thanks

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