Oral Sex 101 – Powerful techniques to BLOW her mind!

Everything you wish you had learned about oral sex in school!

It’s not your Sex Ed teacher’s fault, they had no idea what they were doing down there either 😉

This is dedicated purely to Oral Sex techniques.  I will discuss fingering technique in future posts. 

If you’re ready, then dive right in:

  • Basic Technique:
    1. Get in a comfortable position
      • This is very important because you don’t want to get tired half way through.
    2. Make sure the entire area is properly lubricated with your saliva and her juices.
    3. Give yourself better access by using your fingers to spread her vaginal lips.
    4. Start making soft/gentle/slow strokes using the FLAT part of your tongue NOT THE TIP of your tongue.
      • Your goal here is to expose the MAXIMUM surface area of your tongue to her  vaginal area and clitoris.
      • Think licking an ice cream cone.
      • In the beginning you can vary the stroke size and length.
      • The first few minutes of oral sex is the time to experiment.  You could also (beforehand), give her your palm and ask her to show you what kind of stroke she prefers.
    5. Keep your tongue very relaxed
      • If it feels like “work” you’re applying too much pressure.  It should feel like you’re just teasing her, but that’s exactly the kind of stroke that will give her the ultimate orgasm.
      • The more relaxed you are the longer you’ll be able to do it.
    6. Focus on her entire vaginal area:
      • Don’t just dive in straight for the clit.
      • The entire area is full of pleasure giving nerve endings (which is a big reason for using the flat part of your tongue).
  • Pressure & Rhythm:
    • Is Rhythm important? 
      • Rhythm is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of Oral Sex.  When you first start, you can vary the strokes or rhythm however you want, but as she gets closer to orgasm it is imperative to stick with one consistent stroke and consistent rhythm.
    • How gentle should you be? 
      • At first you should be super gentle, no matter what, but after a minute or so it greatly depends on the girl.  As a general rule…
      • If you’re using oral as an add-on to fingering then you want to apply more tongue pressure, but still stick with a constant rhythm.
      • If you’re just giving oral sex on it’s own then you want to stick with light/gentle strokes and a steady rhythm ALL THE WAY THROUGH.
  • Tongue Technique:
    • Many people have heard of the Alphabet technique:  Writing out letters with the tip of your tongue on and around her clit.  However, the key to this technique, is the pressure you apply. The alphabet should be done with extremely light/gentle pressure for maximum effect.
    • Depending on how sensitive her clit is, some women love to have you suck their clit into your mouth and swirl your tongue around it.
    • No one ever said that oral sex was only about your tongue, so switch it up a little by using your lips and fingers to maximize her pleasure.
    • Some research shows that the left side of her clitoris has more nerve endings, so why not do some scientific research of your own 😉  Just don’t neglect the right side. 
  • Fingers:
    • Use your fingers to give you better access to her clit by pulling it away from her clitoral hood: 
      1. Place your thumb an inch to the left of her clit and your pointer finger an inch to the right of her clit (forming an upside down U with your hand) , and gently pull up.  It helps if your fingers are NOT lubricated as they will not be making contact with her sensitive areas.
      2. Use the forefinger and middle finger to make a V shape, make sure they are properly lubricated with saliva and her juices.  Place the fingers together about an inch bellow her clit then spread them apart and gently push them up-words.
      3. Ask her to use her own hand to spread her vaginal lips and pull them up-words for your convenience.
  • Extras – Depending on what she likes:
    • Spend some time playing with her breasts & nipples as you tease her clit with your tongue.
    • Grab her ass and squeeze as hard as she likes 🙂 
    • Fingering is encouraged, and will bring her to orgasm faster, but the orgasm will feel different than with just oral.
  • Approaching Orgasm:
    • Stick to whatever rhythm is working!  This is not the time to switch strokes or even apply more pressure.  If she’s begging for more pressure, just add a small amount because adding more will take away from the power of her orgasm.
    • Don’t stop until she tells you to!  Women’s orgasms could last anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes (some claim to have half-an-hour orgasms) so don’t stop licking at the same rhythm as it will give her waves and waves of extra pleasure.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so do your homework!!!

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6 responses to “Oral Sex 101 – Powerful techniques to BLOW her mind!

  1. Jon

    We take advantage of this

    Thank you for this topic

  2. what about “the twist” ?

  3. Jon – You’re welcome

    Sysop – This is Oral 101… Stay tuned for 202 😉

  4. Jennifer

    Thanks of the alphabet tip 😉 my boyfriend tried it and … WOW! Do you give private lessons?

  5. Jennifer, Thanks! I’m not sure how your bf would feel about that 😛

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