JUMP START Your Sex Life (in 30 minutes or less)!!!

What if I told you that you could do ONE THING in 30 minutes or less that would add a new spark to your sex life? 

I’m talking about Hot, Spicy, Steamy, Sex with your partner TONIGHT and many nights to come.


I thought you might be 🙂   Here’s How:

It’s a well known fact that men are visual creatures.  That’s how Playboy, Penthouse, and other adult magazines/websites have been able to create massive empires.  But is there a female equivalent?  … Is there some way to get your woman’s mind in the gutter as fast as yours when you open up a dirty magazine???


It’s called EROTICA, or erotic stories.  This is the female equivalent to a Playboy magazine, and if you’re not using this powerful tool, you’re missing out.

Every woman is different, but in my research well over 95% will get highly aroused by soft-core erotica, and over 75% love the hard-core stuff.  Hopefully you know your partner well enough to know what she likes, but if you don’t … error on the light side your first couple of times.

So now that you know, what should you do?

Write her a story.

Sure you can rip off a story from the internet, or from numerous novels (online, library, book store)… but unless you are an absolutely horrible writer, nothing will turn your woman on as much as a story that you write to her, for her.

Before you write the story, I do recommend you spend a little time doing some research online on any one of the numerous erotica sites.  I promise you will enjoy researching 🙂

Guidelines and tips for good erotic story writing:

  • The story should be about her.
  • Your first story should not include anything XXX
    • It should be all about the buildup to the XXX
    • Possibly ending right before XXX begins (leaving it to her imagination).
  • Be creative – This is the time to think about HER fantasy (not yours)
  • The more descriptive words you use, the better. 
    • Women, don’t get as turned on by the action as by the the description of the action.
    • (think romance novels).
  • Keep it short – 1 page is more than enough for beginners.
  • Focus on elements that lead to foreplay: clothing, the location, thoughts, etc.
  • VIVIDLY describe what she’s feeling in your story and she will experience those feelings as she reeds it.  ie.  “your heart starts to race as you wonder what’s going to happen next”. 
    • This is very powerful because you can tell her how turned on she’s getting and she will literally get that turned on.
  • VIVIDLY describe any kissing, touching, caressing, foreplay. 
    • (This is the bulk of your story)
  • If you’re not sure how to give it to her, send it as an email, subject: here’s something I’ve been fantasizing about 😉  then tell her there’s a surprise in her email.

This should be enough to get you started. Read a few non-XXX erotic stories online and then spend 20-30 min writing your own following the above guidelines… You will be shocked by how powerful this will be.


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