MULTIPLE ORGASMS – Not just for women anymore!!!

Most people are aware of female multiple-orgasms, but did you know that with some practicemen are quite capable of having multiple orgasms??

The concept of a multi-orgasmic male is not a new one.  Chinese philosophers have known about male multiple orgasms thousands of years ago, and yet this sexual secret remains surprisingly unknown:

  1. The first step in learning about Male Multiple Orgasms is realizing that ejaculation and orgasm are not one and the same. 
    • In the male sexual cycle there is a tiny time difference between the beginning of orgasm and the beginning of ejaculation.  That time difference is so small that most men assume that the two are impossible to separate. This is a false assumption.
  2. Now that you are aware of #1, you should also know that it’s the ejaculation that causes the male erection (and arousal) to subside, not the orgasm. 
    • This means that if you could avoid ejaculation, you could theoretically keep having orgasms indefinitely as you would stay in the heightened state of arousal.
    • Multiple orgasms occur one after another WITHOUT the loss of sexual arousal or erection.

Now here’s the tricky part … How?

The key is your PC Muscle (pubococcygeal muscle).  I spoke about this very important muscle in the previous post, so please read it before continuing here as it is essential to understand the process.

Once you develop strong PC muscles, the rest is just about breathing and practice.


  • You need to have full control over your breathing in order to control your orgasm.  
  • Focus on long slow breaths through your nose.

Start practicing during masturbation:

  • Your goal is to come as close to orgasm as possible without ejaculating.
  • Start normally, but as you get closer to orgasm you want to slow down the pace.
  • If you are thrusting/rubbing quickly and vigorously, it will be very difficult to control your breathing or stop before it is too late.
  • As you get close to the point of orgasm, stop, and squeeze your PC muscle.  Hold it for at least 8 seconds or however long it takes for the point of no return to subside.
    • Repeat this step at least 3 times, bringing yourself closer to orgasm with every repetition.
    • Notice your arousal levels build with each repetition as it becomes more difficult to hold back. 
    • You want to start recognizing these feelings in your body so you could control them.

Now continue masturbating:  this time, keep going until you orgasm.

  • At the moment of orgasm you will notice contractions in the base of your penis or inside your pelvis.  These contractions signal the beginning of ejaculation
    • In the future your goal is to stop the stimulation and squeeze your PC muscles right before these contractions in order to avoid ejaculation.
    • Your first time practicing it is very unlikely that you will be able to time it accurately so don’t worry.  Just squeeze your PC muscles as soon as you feel the contractions.
  • You’ll feel yourself trying to ejaculate, but keep squeezing as this will prevent the ejaculation.
    • Don’t worry if a small amount of semen comes out, as this should not impact your erection or arousal level.
  • If successful:
    • You will experience the full orgasm, stop the ejaculation, and leave yourself in the same highly aroused state with a full erection.
    • Start masturbating again immediately after orgasm
      • You should be able to  have another orgasm shortly after.
  • If you couldn’t stop yourself from ejaculating, don’t worry: 
    • You probably need to work on strengthening your PC muscle
      • Refer to my previous article about how to do that.  
    • The other main factor is failing to squeeze the muscle at the proper time.
      • If you start squeezing after the ejaculatory contractions begin, it is almost impossible to stop ejaculation.
      • If you start squeezing too soon, you will not experience orgasm.  This is why I recommend slowing down your pace as you get closer to orgasm.

With practice you’ll get the hang of the timing.

Even if your goal is not to achieve multiple orgasms, this techniques is great for anyone looking to conquer premature ejaculation.  With a small amount of practice, you’ll be able to last longer in bed as it will allow you to significantly delay ejaculation so you could focus on pleasuring your partner. 

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed from the first tryWork on strengthening your PC muscle and keep practicing.

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