Spice-Up Your Sex Life! #1


This is the first of about 25 or so random tips to spice up your sex life!

Different books have different names for most of these techniques, so feel free to call it however you’d like 🙂

You’ll need: a menthol cough drop and 2 minutes of prep:

It’ll take you about two minutes of sucking on the cough drop for the menthol to permeate your mouth.  This is a good time to touch, caress, kiss, tease her to build the excitement. 

Slowly work your way down her chest, her stomach, around the vaginal area to her inner thighs.

When your mouth feels 100% minty start kissing closer and closer to her vaginal area.  You can do it however you like, but the idea to slowly get closer to her clit.  Start licking/teasing the entire vaginal area ignoring her clitfor a minute or two (or as long as she can bare it).  Then start focusing on her clit and use any of the techniques from Oral Sex 101

As you touch her clit she will feel the heat of the menthol and as you remove your mouth/tongue she will feel coolness, and beg for your touch.   For extra effect you can blow gently every minute or so … this will make her feel a very pleasurable icy coolness.

As you’re pleasuring her, make sure to occasionally rub your tongue on the cough drop to maximize her menthol pleasure.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though most women will get tremendous enjoyment from the menthol coolness, it is possible that your partner might dislike it.  Watch her reaction the first two times you blow on her clit,  and if it’s obvious that she’s not enjoying it, don’t keep doing it.

Other then that, have fun, and don’t choke on the cough drop … that’s not sexy 🙂


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4 responses to “Spice-Up Your Sex Life! #1

  1. Jennifer

    Does mint gum work?

  2. Mints like Altoids work somewhat, but not as well as a coughdrop.

  3. Kitty Kat

    I’m curious, where do you live, I would love some private lessons for my boyfriend, may be he can learn by watching 😉

  4. Zhenya

    I heard coco leaves or its extract work wonders for his longevity.

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