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The Secret to Giving Her Mind-Blowing Orgasms!

It has nothing to do with your intercourse technique, how hard you thrust, or  how long you last…

(unless you last less than two minutes, in which case check out my previous post on how to last longer in bed).

Think of her sexual pleasure as being on a scale of -1 to 10.  -1 is where you actually hurt her (unintentionally) instead of pleasure her, and 10 is the goal of maximum pleasure. 

When your sole focus is on intercourse, it is literally impossible to give her maximum pleasure because you are working within the limited range of about -1 to 6. The only reason this range goes up to 6 is because some women are just really easy to please 🙂 .  By changing your focus, you can dramatically change the range of her sexual pleasure to 6 – 10.   Here is how:

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The Clitoris: Objects In Her Vagina Are Larger Than They Appear!!!

Have you ever noticed the similarity between the Orchid and female anatomy?

The purpose of this post is to explain the female anatomy.  Some of you might be surprised to learn that there is more to the Clit than meets the eye (pun intended).  This knowledge will provide a basic framework for upcoming techniques and tutorials.  There’s also a few bonus tips in the end 😉 . 

What is the “Clitoris” EXACTLY? Where is it? Why is it there?

The answers will help you give her more pleasure than ever before!

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