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Spice-Up Your Sex Life! #1


This is the first of about 25 or so random tips to spice up your sex life!

Different books have different names for most of these techniques, so feel free to call it however you’d like ūüôā

You’ll need:¬†a menthol¬†cough drop and¬†2 minutes of prep:

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Anal Sex TABOO – (8 Things Most People STILL Don’t Realize!)

I don’t know if there’s ever been anything more taboo in mainstream America than Anal Sex… ¬†Yet In a survey of 100,000 Playboy readers, 47% of men and 61% of¬†women admitted to having tried anal sex.

Though they can admit it anonymously, most people don’t feel comfortable talking¬†about it to¬†others, let alone educating themselves to maximize sexual pleasure.

Here are¬†eight things¬†people¬†still don’t¬†realize about anal sex:

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MULTIPLE ORGASMS – Not just for women anymore!!!

Most people are aware of female multiple-orgasms, but did you know that with some practice, men are quite capable of having multiple orgasms??

The concept of a multi-orgasmic male is not a new one.  Chinese philosophers have known about male multiple orgasms thousands of years ago, and yet this sexual secret remains surprisingly unknown:

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JUMP START Your Sex Life (in 30 minutes or less)!!!

What if I told you that you could do ONE THING in 30 minutes or less that would add a new spark to your sex life? 

I’m talking about Hot, Spicy, Steamy, Sex with your partner TONIGHT and many nights to come.


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Oral Sex 101 – Powerful techniques to BLOW her mind!

Everything you wish you had learned about oral sex in school!

It’s not your Sex Ed teacher’s fault, they had no idea what they were doing¬†down there either ūüėČ

This is dedicated purely to Oral Sex techniques.  I will discuss fingering technique in future posts. 

If you’re ready, then dive right in:

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9 Places She Craves To Be Touched!

It’s a fact: Women don’t get turned on as quickly as men.

A man’s sexual needs are similar to a light switch, both on and off … while a woman tends to be more like a tea kettle;¬†even if it gets warm quickly, you need to keep the fire going until¬†you bring it to a full¬†boil :-).¬†¬† This is why you always want to take your time with plenty of touching, kissing, and teasing.¬†

Here are some places that are sure to get her burning hot:

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Is Love Ruining Your Sex Life???

You remember that song “All you need is Love” ???

What if I was to tell you that there is a good chance that Love might actually be hurting you in the bedroom? 

Don’t believe it?¬† Well read on and I’ll show you how:¬†

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